Comfort and Style? Best Shoes for College Girls

Whether or not you are a shoe fashionista, there are five styles of shoes that every college girl must have in her closet. If you don’t have them, you may look book smart but will also look like a fish out of its bowl. That’s a conundrum no self-respecting college girl wants to find herself facing. Here’s a list of five styles of shoes you need to keep you on your fashion toes.

Career Heels

You may have a job that only requires tennis shoes or sneakers, but there will be occasions when you need a pair of career heels. Throughout your college years, you’ll be required to complete practicums and internships or interview for awards or scholarships. For these occasions, you will need to be properly attired. When selecting a career heeled shoe, look for an all-purpose black pump with no more than a three-inch heel. If you watch the sales, you can probably find a good brand for a price of $30. You want to make sure you can walk comfortably without losing your balance and tumbling to the ground. You’ve been there and done that in those stilt shoes.

Stepping-Out Pumps

To look your best and get into the partying mode, every girl needs a pair of these fun-loving shoes. Choose from a rainbow of colors and dazzling textures and pump up the height of the heel. You’re in college now and there are plenty of parties you’ll be invited to, including beer-bonging, fraternity, sorority and themed night parties. If you’re on a shoe-string budget, you can find a pair for $20. If not, the skies the limit and go for a designer brand.

Tall Boots

Every college girl needs a pair of kick-ass tall boots to flaunt those lovely legs. These boots are great for stepping out on the town in chilly weather, hiking in style to class or going out to dinner with a hot date. The options are endless with a pair of sexy tall boots. From suede to leather, these boots come in a wide array of textures and colors. Since you’re probably watching your pennies, it’s a good idea to get a pair of tall boots in neutral colors, such as black, brown or grey. These shades are the most versatile and work well with many different colors.

Ballet Flats

Let’s face it; you’re not a college girl without several pairs of ballet flats. These legendary shoes are known as the bad boys on campus. Ballet flats can be worn daily and anywhere, including to class and to the mall. You can also dress these bad boys up with a pair of slick tights or a dress for an evening look that won’t leave you with aching feet. These are so popular and can be found in a rainbow of colors and with whimsical embellishments.

Comfy Almost-Slippers

Almost-slippers are the trendy version of the traditional slipper but have more style. These soft bunnies give your feet warmth, comfort and style while lounging around the dorm or apartment. Almost-slippers can be worn while doing laundry or studying at the library. With all that fluff and fuzz, you’re bound to get noticed.

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7 Leading Suppliers of Urban Clothing

The urban / street fashion industry is quickly becoming a very popular trend with demand, development and growth playing a substantion role in producing more retail / etail suppliers. With more online outlets popping up each month, we take a look at some of the biggest names, most reputable and established companies and some of the leading brands in provision of urban / street wear.

Reprebate – Have consistently been one of the more dominating names within the urban/street fashion scene for a number of years now. Reprebate’s online store, features some of the hottest and newest urban clothing / streetwear ranges stocking products from many of the world’s popular brands including Addict, LRG, DTA, King Apparel, Zoo York, Volcom and Dephect (amongst many others). With competitive prices and such a large ‘in-season’ range, there’s certainly going to be something at Reprebate than any man will enjoy wearing.

Yukka – Has quicky established themselves as one of the leaders in street / urban fashion. Having started out in 2003, after identifying the demand for urban clothing due to the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent were generating mass popularity for their fashion as well as their music.

Urban Industry – An independently owned street wear and urban clothing store, established in 2002 and now boasts four stores and a warehouse and stocks over 2500 products. Their business model is very much retail outlet as well as web based presence and is also seen as one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Extreme Pie – This company forms just one division of a huge network of companies and websites specialising in any outdoor retail / fashion pretty much. Whether you’re after gear for surfing, snowboarding, skating or biking, the likelihood is, you’ll probably find what you’re after via Extreme Pie.

DrJays – Typically serves the US although has great web presence in the UK market too. Having been around since as early as 1975, when the origins of hip hop were establishing. Now, a pioneer in providing urban fashion worldwide, DrJays now has 19 walk-in stores across the New York Metro area.

Magic Streetwear – Specialise in hip hop and urban clothing and sell clothing from a wide range of recognised urban / street brands in the scene. Very popular with the hip hop scene, Magic Streetwear have established themselves as one of the first point of calls for many looking for hip hop fashion and urban / street clobber.

Urban Outfitters – Huge presence online, with more than 140 physical locations around the world too. Without a doubt, Urban Outfitters is one of the most recognised outfits in the urban scene, they stock and sell a large amount of products from a a very varied range of brands. Not only focusing on the urban/hip hop scene.

Where do you often shop for your urban clothing? Feel we’ve missed one of the leading suppliers of urban and street fashion? Let us know in the comments.

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