Cowgirl Crib Bedding- A Unique Choice for Your Baby Girl

If you are looking for cowgirl crib bedding for your baby girl’s nursery there are many designs to choose from. This nursery scene is different from what people tend to choose so your choice will usually be unique from what your friends have chosen.

There are so many ways to go with this theme and it is completely based around the colors you want. Some of the cowgirl crib bedding sets combine multiple colors, for example the Jo

Jo Designs Cowgirl Western crib bedding. This one in particular is a patchwork that uses cowgirl print, cow print, pink bandanna print, plaid, denim and micro suede. This gives you a little bit of everything in one. It has pictures of cowgirls, horseshoes and more on it and even includes the musical mobile.

Looking for something a little more personalized? Take a look at the Rose Cowgirl Crib Bedding set. It’s a little more traditional with various cowgirl pictures and such scattered throughout the blankets. In addition with purchasing this bedding you can find other baby accessories to match and they can be monogrammed.

Pretty Pony Cowgirl Crib Bedding Set

If you’re looking for horses and ponies, there are plenty of those in many colors. A popular is the Pretty Pony from JoJo Designs, it consists of pink, purple, yellow and sage green. It is very girlie with different pony scenes and flowers. This bedding set is also easy to coordinate with the entire nursery.

As some baby girls grow into toddlers they may not want the bright pink or purple bed set. If you would like to find something a little calmer there are plenty of options. Two beautiful choices are the Western Pony and the Western Cowgirl. Western Pony is Pimento horse print and horseshoes while the Western Cowgirl is simply a cowgirl doing things like trying to rope a cow and riding her horse.
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Any of these designs can be used whether you live in the country and want to keep your home theme, or you live in the city but want your child to grow up feeling like the country. What your baby grows up around for the first few years will lead a major part of what they do in their life. This theme can be used as a starter if you have horses or live on a farm to get baby interested in that lifestyle.

Western Horse Cowgirl Baby Bedding 9 pc Crib Set

In addition there are many accessories that can be ordered with your chosen design to match it perfectly. Some of these accessories may also be necessities in your home. A great piece to order would be the diaper stacker, this allows you easy access to the diapers and you can easily hang them in the closet or on the bedroom door. Other extras include wall hangings, hampers and toy bags.

When making your final choice on the design be sure that it is a safe material and that the sheets fit snug on the mattress. Every parent’s first priority is safety, so just take the extra time to find the perfect and safest cowgirl crib bedding for your new baby girl.