Reviews – Portable Kerosene Heaters

During the winter months we all love to be able to walk into a warm room after feeling the chilly air outside. What better way than to use a portable kerosene heater? If you have a commercial business located in warehouses you could opt for the 230,000 BTUH heaters when searched for on Google, or a 23,000 BTU heater for far much less for use in your home. There are safety concerns for all heaters whether kerosene or not, so please read the manufacturer’s safety measures and do not try to roast marshmallows to make s’mores as I believe it would make a mess.

The cost effectiveness of portable kerosene heaters is far cheaper when compared to natural gas heaters. The lowest portable heater we have found was made by at only $99.99. We’re assuming there is tax that still needs to be added. The most expensive heater is worth $2,484.00 put out by Every Generator. The saying holds true: You get what you pay for. Buying a heater for a one bedroom should be smaller than buying one for a whole office building. As far as I am concerned I only need to be kept warm, so I do not need the highest most heat driven heaters on the market.

I used to pass by this coal mine that has a kerosene generator. There are certain times when that machine will put out this awful smell. So please make sure if you start to smell kerosene that you vent your house immediately as you could have high concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO). I have read numerous articles about people dying due to lack of safety when it comes to portable kerosene heaters. Carbon monoxide is known to be the silent killer because it has no smell to it. That is the reason natural gas companies add a smell to it that alerts you to the leak as well as kerosene or diesel fuels. In closing kerosene heaters can be very useful, but at the same time very deadly if not used properly. Take every precaution especially if you have little children. You do not want to have to rush the little ones to the emergency room at zero dark thirty because they woke up and played with the heater. If used correctly a kerosene heater can and will improve the quality of life for any individual or family.

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